A student has the option to wear school purchased -embroidered golf shirt or printed t-shirt each day with navy blue, black pants or skirts or skort only.


Golf Shirt color: Lt Blue, Maroon or Navy Blue


T-shirt colors: Lt. Blue or Maroon

Shirt sizes available are:

  • Youth small (6-8)

  • Youth med  (10-12)

  • Youth large (14-16) 

  • Youth xlarge (18-20)

  • Adult small

  • Adult med

  • Adult large

  • Adult xlarge

  • Adult xxlarge  


All shirts orders are placed at the school.                                       


Students Navy blue or Black bottoms may be purchased at any store near you.


All Shorts, skirts or skorts must be 2 1/2 above the knee.

NO blue jeans. See pictures for example.


Sagging pants, leggings, sandals, flip flops, open toe (or any kind of shoe of the like) are not allowed!


 Safe footwear shall be worn at all times

Physical Education

Dressing-out” means your child is dressed properly for class in the 7PCA physical education dress code:  shorts/workout pants,  t-shirt, sweatshirt and/or a long sleeved t-shirt and tennis shoes. You DO NOT have to purchase P.E. items from the school; however your child’s P.E. clothes must meet the same guidelines.  Please read the following guidelines to assist you when you purchase P.E. clothing for your child.

Circle pattern.png

Dress Code Rules

Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed.  Hair color and style shall not interfere with the educational process in the reasonable discretion of the Head of Schools/Principal.


Hats, hoods, or other head coverings shall not be worn in the school building except for approved areas identified by the Head of Schools/Principal. Exceptions may be made by the Principal for head coverings worn for religious purposes.

Body adornment (e.g., adornments which pierce flesh) in any visible body part other than the ears shall not be displayed if such display presents a health or safety issue or if such adornment interferes with the educational process in the reasonable discretion of the Head of School/Principal.

 Items that may be used to do harm are prohibited. (e.g., large belt buckles or finger rings that cover two or more fingers.

Gang clothing, symbols, or other items associated with gangs may not be worn, displayed or carried.