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  • What is a Charter School?
  • What type of charter school is 7 Pillars Career Academy?
    7PCA is a Clayton County, GaDOE and CCPS locally approved accredited middle/high public charter school. Grades 6th-12th. Starting with 6th grades in 2019. Tuition free.
  • Who is eligible to attend 7 Pillars?
    7 Pillars Career Academy is tuition free. A student must live in Clayton County at the time of registration. Students are not allowed if they have been expelled from other schools or school districts. No student will be asked to submit grades, or essays or have to audition for eligibility. Complete the Application Process form on the Enrollment Page. See the Enrollment page for dates and information requirements.
  • How will the student's address be determined and verified?
    A student's address will be determined based on the bona fide primary residency of the custodial parent/legal gaurdian. The address of the residence is subject to verification via phone. U.S. mail, home visit, and all other legal means by school administration or their designee at any time while a student is enrolled a 7 Pillars.
  • What do I need to do if my child is accepted?
    Parent/guardian of students who recieve an offer of admission must accept or decline offer by desinated time offered by school administration. Offers are accepted by completing an online enrollment process and returning all required documents listed in the Enrollment Checklist with the office administraition. Offers to attend 7 PIllars that are neither accepted nor declined by said date will be consided expired, and that space may be made available to the next student on the waitlist.
  • How do you determine which applicants are offered a seat?
    If there are more applicants than spaces available, applicants are placed in a lottery and selected in order of 7 Pillars priorities. Students who are not seated are placed on a waitlist in the order in which thier name was selected.
  • If one sibling from a family is accepted, are all other siblings automatically accepted?"
    Yes, if there is a slot available.
  • How many slots are available in each grade?
    The number of spots varies per grade. 7 Pillars Career Academy reserves the right to manage the number of offers made from the wailist in each grade level in order to balance classs size to follow best practices.
  • How long will my child remain on the waitlist?
    Your student name will remain on the waitlist unless they are offered admission for the next upcoming year, or until you elect to remove them from the waitlist. The wailtlist for the upcoming school year will be acated on the last school day of that year and will not carry over to the next school year. Parent/guardians may submit a new application online for the upcoming school year starting in February.
  • What is Journey Based Learning?
    JBL values are "Learning to do " and Learning to be" over simply "Learning to Know".
  • How is the school governed?
    7 Pillars Career Academy was given authority to operate independently as a functioning public charter school by the State of Ga Department of Education (January 2019) and Clayton County Public School (July 2018) in Clayton County. Cognia accredited by NCACSI-NWAC-SACS CASI (valid throught 6-30-2023) 7 Pillars is governed by a Governace Board. The function of the Governing Board shall be to uphold 7 Pillar's mission and vision, to set policy for the 7 Pillars, to work collaborative with the school officials to ensure 7 Pillars complies with the performance goals set forth in Section 8 (Performance-based Goals, Measurable Objective, and Consequences), to ensure effective organizational planning, and to ensure financial stability of 7 Pillars. The Head of Schools/Principal oversees the daily operations of the school.
  • How many students in a classroom ?
    We have a 1 to 20 ratio. Students will be in small groups, no larger than 6 core content support.
  • What is the teaching style at 7 Pillars?
    Our teachers work as facilitators. They work daily in small groups to mitgate the gaps in learning. We strongly believe in the socratic method. The socratic method is the form of cooperative agurmentative dialogue between individual, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions.
  • Will students have to take standardized tests?
    Yes, public schools in Georgia are required by law to take all standardized tests such as the Georgia Milestones End of Course Test, Georgia Milesstones End of Grade Test, G-Kids and any addtional state mandated tests required for your student. Additional state mandated test required for your student could include assessments for English Language Learners (ELL) or The Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA), depending on student's needs.
  • Will 7 Pillars provides service to students with IEPs?
    yes. & Pillars will uphold all requirements for students with an Individualized Educational Programs/special needs (SAPE)
  • What if my student is suspended or expelled from a previous school, can they attend 7 Pillars?"
    7 Pillars Career Academy cannot enroll any student who is currently under the terms of suspension or expulsion from their school or school system.
  • What are the school days and hours?
    School days are Monday thru Friday. School hours 8am to 3pm. Early care eary as 7am. Aftercare until 6pm.
  • Does 7PCA have a uniform dress code?
    Yes, all students are required to wear unform attire each day. All shirts must be purchased from the school. Students have the option to wear golf shirts ro t-shirts. Embroided golf shirts w/school logo. Navyblue, or Maroon T-shirts w/school logo. Maroon or Nayvblue Pants, Skirts, or Skorts -Navyblue, Black or Khaki colors only can be purchased from any store near you. All shoes must be closed toe. Note: students will participate in hands-on indoor and outdoor actitives. PE dress wear -- solid color t-shirts and shorts. See school uniform page for details.
  • Will breakfast and lunch be provided?
    Yes. A free breakfast and lunch will be provided. Students participating in the afterschool progam will also be provided a supplemental meal.
  • What is 7 Pillars Code of Conduct?
  • What are the parent volunteer requirements?
    Parents participation is vital to the growth and success of 7 Pillars. Parents are asked to invest 12 hours of volunteer time to the school per year. Each volunteer is asked to fill out a volunteer form. Hours can be obtain in various ways. See front office for opportunity outlines.
  • What are the graduation goals for the students?
    7 Pillars students graduation goals are for each student to graduate with an certification and/or associate degrees in desired fields.
  • 2022-2023 School calendar
  • How do we practice Restorative Justice?
  • Does 7 Pillars have an after school program?
    Yes, Our after school program is operated by our non profit YouthServ 360. Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in extended learning from the hours of 3:45 PM to 6PM during school days.
  • Will transportation be provided?
    Yes, transportation will be provided on at satelite locations in the mornings. Parents are responsible for students boarding the bus at preferred location selected by them. Once location has been established, students will be assigned preferred location for the school year. Parents are responsible for pick up at our free afterschool programon campus until 6pm. See School Bus route page for locations and time.
  • What is the Computer Use Policy?
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