Christina Guillen


Head of Schools, Principal

Founder and Executive Director of YouthServ360, Inc. a non-profit with over nine years of experience serving Clayton County and Metro Atlanta Youth. An Educational Leader and Instructor offering 14 years of consummate success educating urban students in the inner city, and suburban environment.


While in the classroom each year Ms. Guillen’s students scored at least 20 percentile points above the county average in Science and Social Studies; subjects that typically show the weakest standardized test scores. As a department chair for four years, she was responsible for curriculum evaluation, selection, and implementation for both Science and Social Studies.


As Executive Director she has extensive experience with managing federal funds including grant acquisition, federal compliance, and data management. A variety of programs has provided experience with agencies critical for school success; such as 6 years experience as a USDA contractor, 9 years experience as a DHS contractor, and 8 years experience operating as the fiscal agent for over 3 million dollars in federal and state funds.


As a leader, she possesses the unique ability and skills needed to ensure, teachers, students, staff, parents, community partners, and stakeholders have what they need to render successful results.


University of Georgia 40 Under 40 Alumni honoree 2019


1st and foremost, Ms. Gullien is a graduate of the Clayton County School System.

E.W. Oliver Elementary, Riverdale Middle, Riverdale High School and a

Graduate of the University of Georgia

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