Our School Calendar days open and closed are aligned with CCPS

Upcoming Events
Young Men Rising Lunch
Buddy Program                         
Build Day
Sat. Sept 7, 10am-12pm                                                
Curriculum Night                                              
Thursday, Sept. 17, 5 pm-7 pm                                 
Forest Park Public Safety Festival                            
Thursday, Sept. 26, 5 pm-8 pm                             
CCPS School Choice Fair                                                        Saturday, Sept. 14th, 9 am-12 pm
Governance Meeting
Committee Wed. Sept. 18, 6 pm
Board Thursday, Sept. 26, 6 pm
Fall Break- No School
Wed-Fri Sept. 25-26

November 2019

December 2019

October 2019
September 2019
Forest Park Parade
Mon. 12-2, 6 pm
Riverdale Parade
Sat. 12-7, 3 pm
Young Men Rising Lunch
Buddy Program
Picture Day 
MAP Testing
Winter Break no school


Can Food Drive
11-4 thru 20
Young Men Rising Lunch
Buddy Program       Weekly 
Parent lunch Date with student
Nov. 20
Governance Board​
Board Meeting
Thurs., 11-21, 6 pm
Thanksgiving Break-No school
Nov. 25-29
Governance Board
Special Call Meeting
Mon. 11-25 6pm
1st 7PCA Spelling Bee
Thursday, Oct. 17
HorizonTheater Company 
Field Trip
Thursday, Oct. 17
School Fall Festival
Friday, Oct. 25, 5-&:30 pm
Governance Board
Committee Meeting
Thurs. 10-24, 6pm
Board Meeting
Wed, 10-30, 6 pm



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